Picture Retakes will be at Abe Hubert Elementary.

Date: Thursday February 4th

Time: 4:00pm - 5:30pm

Location: Gym (use parking lot entrance)

Anyone that needs a Picture Retake, must return their original picture packet at the time of retake. If your student was not available to take a school picture this year and you would like to purchase pictures, there is a pre-pay option available. Please go to and use code: GCRETAKE

This is available for any student that missed picture retake day due to Remote Learning.

Any questions please call your schools front office or the office at 805-7700

Valentine’s Day Guidelines

Date: February 12, 2021

Time: 3:00p.m. – 3:30p.m.

Students may bring Valentines to pass out if you choose. Anyone wanting to bring Cards or Treats must have them brought to school no later than Friday February 5th.

(This is so we can allow all items to sit for 1 week, before passing them out to students)

Store bought, individually wrapped treats/items only, everything bought needs to fit in 1 bag per student. (Ex…. Plastic Dillon’s or Walmart bag)

When doing Valentines cards please sign Valentines FROM only, no need to put TO, they will be passed out randomly.

Any questions please contact the office at 620-850-7701

Valentine Spirit Week

February 8-12

Monday: Dream of Love

Pajama Day!

Tuesday: You’re Other Half

Twin Day!

Wednesday: You’ve Won My Heart

Favorite Team Day!

Thursday: Dress to Impress

Girls in pink! Boys in red!

Friday: Grow Old Together

100’s Day! Dress 100 years old!

Celebrate home


Greetings Jennie Barker Bobcats,

Please contact our office at 805-7700 by Friday 12-4-20 If you are interested in having Grab and Go Lunches being delivered to your neighborhood.

We will have a Book Drop Can available for book returns during lunch pickup 11:30-1:00 Monday-Friday


On Tuesday and Thursday, Curbside pickup, for new library books will be available 11:30-1:00 during lunch pickup.  Students will be able to place book requests and hold books by going to ClasslinkàDestiny Discover.  The pictures of our school library books are listed.  Students may touch the title that they would like to check out and Mrs. Unruh will prepare the books for pickup.  Students may checkout 2 books at a time and may request more.  They will need to return their previously checked out books to be able to get new ones.   Mrs. Unruh will communicate with students when their holds are ready to be picked up through their Library Class on Showbie. 


Parents may also call the office to schedule an appointment to pick up/drop off library books or email Mrs. Unruh at [email protected] for a curbside time.


If you have any additional questions, please email at [email protected]

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